Spring is here….sort of

img_6313.jpgWent to the city to see the cherry blossoms yesterday. They were absolutely beautiful as always. I never tire of seeing them and taking pictures. Despite the thousands of other people that were downtown, it was still a nice outing with the roommate to check out the sights, grab some lunch and do some book browsing at my fave, Barnes & Noble. The weather was chilly, but sunny all day, so it was good overall. Unfortunately today it became overcast and cold again. So hence the title of this post- it was 73 on Friday, and now I’m under the covers again. Hopefully the warm weather will be here to stay soon and flowers will be able to come out.

img_6317.jpgI’m getting excited about going home in May to see my parents. It’s nice that it will be over Mother’s Day weekend. I haven’t been home for that in several years since I usually started an internship immediately after leaving school during my summers in college. After that, Dan will likely be coming here when he’s done with his exams, and hopefully, if he gets an internship out here, he’ll be back for a couple months to stay. We can only wait and see, but I’m getting impatient to find out!

Had the first happy hour with coworkers last week- it was a lot of fun. They asked the usual “how do you like it so far?”, etc. It’s usually interesting to compare current and previous jobs, and I can certainly see some major differences thus far. I’m sure that I will notice glitches and chaotic moments here too, as all jobs have them, but I’m thinking overall it will be a better situation for me. On a side note, shuffleboard is a really hard game to play.

I’m fairy irritated that I have to pay a little chunk of money in taxes this year. Last year I got a refund from both the feds and Ohio. This year, I have to pay the feds, Ohio and Virginia. I’m most mad about having to pay Ohio since I only lived there for 2 months last year and didn’t earn any of my money there. My freelance money didn’t have any taxes withheld, so now I’m paying that. I know that in the end, I made more money, but it sucks to have to pay some of that back now. It’s basically an entire month’s rent and a load of groceries. 😦   But thanks to my dad for helping me out with all of that this year.

Check out the cherry blossom pics!


Some catching up to do

Eating crawfishIt’s so easy to not update this for a week or more when there is travel and changing jobs all at once. But there is plenty to say!

Dan and I had a wonderful trip in Louisiana. We were very lucky to find a flight through Houston to New Orleans after our original flight through Cleveland was cancelled thanks to a blizzard. I was about to be really upset if we were kept from going southwest, away from all the action of the storm. But we made it in safely on Saturday night and enjoyed a fattening fried seafood meal with some of the family. The next day we went to my aunt and uncle’s camp out on the lake and had the best boiled crawfish I have had in years, along with the usual potato salad, shrimp remoulade, and cream cheese with pepper jelly spread. It was a feast and a beautiful day. Much of the family made it out, except for a few cousins, so I was really glad that everyone came together and that Dan got to meet everyone. The next couple days we spent rolling around town, checking out the “sights” and visiting more family and friends. We continued to eat well (beignets, shrimp po-boys, butter beans and shrimp, gumbo), I got a free haircut from my aunt, and Dan got to see some alligators, which was on his list. All around, a very lovely trip and as always, too short.

Once Dan left, I had a few days off to relax before my new job started yesterday. The break was nice, but I’m really enjoying work already. The UNF does great things, and all of the people are very welcoming, friendly and creative. It will be an exciting place to work, and I think I might get to go to NYC a couple of times just in the next few weeks, so those are things to look forward to. I also like that I’m busy already. First day stuff was of course paperwork, introductions, and usual new hire stuff. But I got started on some background information for the project I’ll be primarily working for, Nothing But Nets, and today even did some stuff on email messaging. So all is well, and I think I’ll be very happy there!

Fenton farewellOther random bits:
-Saw Michael Clayton (very good), Gone Baby Gone (good), and No Country for Old Men (interesting?)
-Hoping to go home for Memorial Day to see M, D & boys
-Cherry blossoms are coming! Yay for warm weather and pretty flowers.
-On my last day at the old gig, had a great happy hour with my friends and coworkers. I’m really going to miss some of those people over there, and I hope we continue hanging out. It was a good send-off.

Counting down to life…

I’m really excited right now for a few reasons. First, Dan comes in a few days. It’s been about two months and it seems like a lot more. More importantly, he’s coming and then on Saturday we’re leaving for Louisiana to see my family, which I really thrilled about. I can’t stop thinking about the food, honestly, which sounds sad. But seriously. Home-cooked jambalaya and gumbo, and wonderfully spiced boiled crawfish and crab, with the juice dripping down on your hands and you need a beer to cool your burning mouth. Powdered-sugar coated beignets and shrimp po-boys, mm mm. It will be a fun time all around.

On another note, I think it’s time to talk about my new adventure happening in a few weeks. A couple weeks ago I received a job offer from the United Nations Foundation to be an online communications officer there. This is my last week at my current job, and I’ll be starting at the new place in two weeks. It’s been a really interesting process looking for jobs the second time around. In a way, it’s harder because now that I know more of what I want, I’m pickier and it seems the options are more limited, despite the fact that I have more experience now. It’s nice to be able to have more to say when being interviewed about your job performance and specific projects you’ve led or had success with. I’m looking forward to this next step and second job, at which I see myself for a few years. I like that I’ll be more focused on a couple of projects and on initiatives that are really engaging and worthwhile. I also like that I’ll have more opportunities to write for the Web, and that I can leave the more traditional PR stuff I was doing at times behind. It’s just over a year that I moved to DC, and almost a year that I started my job, so I think it’s a great time to move forward.

What experiences have you had when looking for your second job?