Four years in DC and still so much to do!

Tidal Basin
Out enjoying DC, year 1

This week marks my fourth year in DC. I’m a big milestone person, noting anniversaries, birthdays, recognitions, etc, as if I work for a card company or something. (Thankfully, I have friends who do the same, so I know I’m not alone in this.) As I think back on the four years I’ve spent here since I left school and Ohio a semester early, I realize I’ve been through a lot, but that I have so much more coming my way. Journey with me?

Since February 2007:

  • I’ve lived in three apartments and had four roommates
  • I’ve had two jobs, three titles, and six (and a handful of dotted line) bosses
  • I continued a long-distance relationship, and broke it off
  • I’ve rekindled old friendships, made many new ones, and lost friends I thought were for life
  • I’ve consulted for 2 amazing entrepreneurs whose companies I believe in
  • I’ve held five parties, all but one Cajun-themed
  • I’ve watched the Saints win the Superbowl and LSU win the BCS Championship
  • I’ve gone through two couches, two mattresses, two comforters, two shower curtains, and two lamps.
  • I’ve gone kayaking, hiking, museuming, and attended tweetups
  • I’ve run my first three races here and scheduled my next two
  • I’ve watched the July 4 fireworks every single year, either on a rooftop or on the Mall
  • I heard Ted Kennedy speak, voted in person for the first time, attended President Obama’s presidential inauguration, done a West Wing tour, and a Capitol tour.

All that and a lot more in these four (short/long) years. But, what’s even better is that there is still so much to do! I’ve decided to create a fifth year “bucket” list, or more appropriately named, a “Must Do” list. I’ll want your help – I’m going to start it here, and I want your suggestions! Anything and everything goes, from restaurants I should try, to the cheesy and touristy, to activities I need to do, to places to hang out in. Help me fill out my Must Do list for year five!

Must Do for Year 5

  • Go to the top of the Washington Monument
  • Eat at Art & Soul
  • Visit Ben’s Chili Bowl (I’ve only had it at Nats Stadium)
  • Attend a Caps game
  • See a concert at Verizon Center
  • Hike the Sugarloaf trail
  • Visit Mt. Vernon
  • Visit the Library of Congress
  • Visit the Supreme Court
  • Run the Capital Crescent trail
  • Do a night monument tour
  • See a full show at the Kennedy Center (only saw a Millennium Stage show once)
  • See a play at the Shakespeare Theater
  • Eat at Ray’s Hell Burger
  • Visit the botanical garden
  • Visit all the museums that I’ve missed so far
  • Visit the National Archives

What else?


12 thoughts on “Four years in DC and still so much to do!

  1. You are inspiring me to do one of these too, Jenna. Hmmm. First, I would hike Sugarloaf with you. 2. If you haven’t hiked old rag, its a must do. Maybe you could do a Jenna pub/bar crawl of all the bars you would like to try.

    Some things I might put on my list in case you are interested. I haven’t been to the National Arborteum yet and I would like to bike that. I heard its cool. I also want to roller skate at the out door rink in anacostia. I want to camp in the greenbelt park because its so close and metro accessible. I want to ride the carousel on the mall. 🙂

    That’s off the top…


  2. I lived in DC twenty years ago. I lived there with my husband and then 2 year old son for 10 months. My daughter was born there May 1991 then we moved back to Colorado. I loved visiting Mt Vernon. It has expanded and commercialized since we were there. I am going back to DC in March for 3-4 days. I hope the weather is nice.


  3. Jenna this is a great list and I would happily join you for some of these! If you haven’t already, I would add: Get crabs at a local joint in Maryland (read: Inner Harbor doesn’t count!); visit the Virginia vineyards; do a specially themed tourist tour like Haunted DC or The Lost Symbol tour; see the Capitol Steps comedy troupe–that one is on MY list!


    1. I’m not surprised you’ve put the crabs down here, Katie, hehe. It’s still on my list. I did get a few crabs down on Main Street once, but they weren’t the best. Thanks for the other ideas!


  4. I got two for you: See a DC United game if you haven’t already done so. Also, a hidden historical treasure just past Mt Vernon is George Mason’s home, Gunston Hall. Amazing views of the Potomac and he was literally George Washington’s neighbor by way of the river.


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