Along the River Road: Churches and Religious Sites in St. James Parish, Louisiana

St. James Parish, Louisiana was created in 1807, and is made up of a scattering of small towns in a largely rural, agricultural area that straddles the Mississippi River midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It’s known to many as the heart of Cajun Country.

Setting boundaries

In the last few months, I was brought to a realization that I’ve never been very good at setting boundaries. I like to think of myself as an independent, assertive, confident woman…but there are some situations and people that make all of that go out the window and I give in too easily — toContinue reading “Setting boundaries”

Be Fearless: Moments in Time

I was feeling nostalgic and looking through old photo albums, and I realized I was coming across so many moments in my life that I would label as fearless. Some were mine, some I witnessed from others — but all make me stop and remember those times for the awe and inspiration I felt, theContinue reading “Be Fearless: Moments in Time”

Figure out what matters to you. Stop.

A year ago, I came back from Costa Rica with their mantra of “pura vida!” or the “pure life” in my mind and heart. A few days ago I returned from Italy with much of the same feeling, but in their own words. I learned so much about the slow food movement in Italy, andContinue reading “Figure out what matters to you. Stop.”