There’s a time for everything

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Good things come to those who wait. Or so say those with patience. I usually don’t have much patience — it’s a virtue I’ve always lacked. I wanted to be going fast in the boat or the car right away, rather than work up to it. I wanted to be in high school when I was in grade school, and college when I was in high school, and on my own when I was still at home. I want to open the microwave before it beeps, and sometimes, yes, I’ve peeked at the back of the book. It’s not that I’m always in a hurry… I just don’t like waiting.

But life is about waiting, because most things don’t happen when we want them to, or even when we think we need them to. They happen when it’s time — when it’s right, whether we can see it or not, believe it or not. That great job, or the promotion, the opportunity to travel to a far-flung place, or meeting the person that will be our partner for life…they all tease us and beckon us, and fill our hopes and dreams and journals and heart-to-hearts, but they rarely ever happen when we want them to.

So we wait. And sometimes it seems like everyone else is speeding past us, getting their promotions and finding the loves of their lives, and making the big move to a country abroad. And like things that happen in threes, so it goes for this, too. Everyone on Facebook gets married in the same weekend, or four of your friends tell you they’re moving within six months of each other. And you? “Oh… the usual.”

The voices in my head say it’s not fair that so-and-so has this, and I don’t. But then mom and my best friend and a dear colleague remind me that everyone has their own path, and their own timing. That my time is coming, and with reason. Whatever big changes in my life are coming, they will come…when they come. And whether I have a hand in them by making decisions around them, or they happen because the universe decides it should be so, I must go about my journey and accept them when it’s time for me, and only me. Today may not be my time, nor tomorrow. But there is a time for everything, and it will come.


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