It’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle.

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In 26 years, I’ve never done a diet, until the last two weeks. I never tried Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Atkins, fasting, you name it. Although at times I’ve wanted to lose a few pounds or tone up to fit some pants more comfortably, dieting hasn’t just been my style — I prefer eating more healthfully and working out.

But when a friend on my Costa Rica trip told me about how South Beach had worked for her, another friend and I decided to test it out when we got home. No carbs, no sweets, no fruit, no alcohol…how hard could it be? Again for me, it wasn’t about the weight. I set a 5 lb. loss goal, but the real goal was to get me out of the rut I had gotten into before my vacation, eating too much bar food, drinking too many beers in a week. Those who know me know that I cook healthy food at home, and work out several times a week. But we all get into a rut, and I’ve been in mine. So the overall goal was to kickstart me getting back into a good routine, and to make me more aware of what I was eating. Not as many “real things” as DC health and fitness guru Chad Hamilton might say.

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