Learning curve

One of the interesting parts about starting a new job is literally feeling like you’re starting from scratch sometimes. Some jobs, you can start and hit the ground running on just about everything, and other jobs, you start at nothing. And even other jobs, like my new one, require some of both: learning new things and using what you know and applying it.

I most often feel this when navigating through the multiple web platforms we use at work to manage our various campaigns. While at the old job, I learned several different programs, and now at the new job, I don’t need any of them, haha. So although I’m taking trainings and sometimes spending a bit longer than I normally would at getting something done, at least I know what a content management system is, and I know where things are generally, and I know some code and I know the strategy part of it. Despite some moments of feeling like I’m drowning in systems and platforms and URLs and servers and files, in the end it will be worth to know all these different programs and tools.  And now I actually know the lingo, so that’s helpful, too. 🙂

What kinds of things have you had to “start from scratch” with in your new jobs? What skills from previous jobs have come in handy?


One thought on “Learning curve

  1. Wow, you sound like a real online diva now! URLs, platforms, coding and such. LOL.. I don’t remember if you were at the F-joint when I would tell Clark that I was writing in code and he would say, “No you’re not, Jacqueline!” LOL. Learning is a part of every job, and in my consulting position I’ve learned about creating long-term budgets, sponsorship activations and communicating in Spanish on the job. What has been most helpful to me is communicating with previous colleagues for guidance and keeping an open mind to learning new things!

    Good luck! Sounds like you’re learning very useful skills!


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