Warm Weekend coming your way

I’m soooo glad it finally got warm and is looking like spring, midway through April. Today was 70, tomorrow is 75 and by Friday, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees. Very wonderful. I especially love seeing all the flowers and trees in bloom. And, I bought a new dress today to celebrate. Well, I bought more clothes than that, and probably shouldn’t have. But as always, they were all bargains or low prices, which I’m famous for. Got several items for a good price. So that’s that.

Been in more Convio training this week- 2 days this time. It definitely will be helpful as we finish up our migration of all the websites at work and “launch” through the new platform.

Dan comes tomorrow, he has an interview for an internship on Friday. Hopefully he will get it and be able to spend a couple months here this summer. We’re going to do the usual: out to dinner, rent some movies. Make pizza and banana splits one night. Cheesy, yes, but comforting, also a yes. It’s always nice to have him here, even if it’s just a few days.

I’m also looking forward to going to New York next week for work. It will be my first time going there, and it should be pretty exciting with all the activities we have going on. More to come on that once I’ve actually gone! Hope to see a friend from college while there, so that would be nice.

Thank gosh it’s almost Friday!


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