Puzzles, puppies and Pappadeaux

I had a great time at home for a long weekend with my parents, and I’m really glad I went. it was great timing too, because we had the two extra corgis over, so we took a nice walk with all four dogs, which was fun. Mom and I saw Ella, a musical about Ella Fitzgerald’s life, and it was really an amazing show. The talent that some people have just amazes me sometimes. I’m not just talking about the woman who played Ella, but the swing/jazz band as well- they were tremendous. It reminded me of why I have always loved big band and jazz music, and how that music is one of the most special qualities about my Louisiana heritage.

On Sunday night we stuffed ourselves at Pappadeaux for Mother’s Day, a Cajun restaurant that we love. We ate wayyyy too much, yet still ordered dessert even after appetizers, dinners we couldn’t finish and beers. But hey, you only live once, so it’s nice to have a meal like that here and there.

Back to work this week, we’ve been finishing off the migration of the NBN site to another platform, so it will be nice when it’s all over and we’re using one fewer system for all our data. Things are going really well overall so I’m pleased! It’s a great place to work.

Latest countdown: a week until Dan comes for the summer! And then 2.5 months from now, I get to move.


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