Pickling the Beast

blossoms09Yesterday was a beautiful, yet windy day. I met up with some friends on the mall for the end of the Cherry Blossom parade and then we headed down to the blooms themselves. It was packed with people of course, but the weather was just perfect for it all. The flowers were gorgeous as always, although I noticed they were a little less bright pink than usual.

Just a couple hours out in the wind and sun was tiring for all of us, so after a big lunch, we headed back to my area, and stopped at the zoo for a little bit before chilling at my place for the rest of the night have some beers, watch a little Dane Cook, and then the Final Four. I have no allegiance to any of the teams, so no comment on the outcomes. We did watch the second half of The Sandlot though, hence the title of this post.

img_7165Today is another beautiful day, so I plan to make use of that and do another good run outside and enjoy the weather before suffering through some apartment cleaning and laundry. Check out the pics from yesterday.



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