Fall is here…sort of.

For the past several weeks in DC, Fall has been teasing us mercilessly with its approach. It started right around Sept. 1, when Starbucks began selling its famous pumpkin-spiced lattes again, to coincide with a slight breeze, cooler temperatures, and the slightest of color changes on the tree leaves. A few days later, summer was back, bringing days of upper 80s, muggy mornings and evenings, and an iced latte instead. This little game has been going on for a month, and I’m ready to throw in the towel- is it fall or not? I was so excited when I was able to wear tights earlier this week, and socks to bed. But guess what? Today it’s supposed to be 77. Definitely not fall weather.

Despite this, I’m writing this ode to fall. I can’t hold off. It’s my favorite season, and I’ve been thinking about all of my favorite things about fall for too long now to ignore it, no matter what Mother Nature says outside. So here are some of the reasons why I love the months of September, October, and November:

-My birthday (11/11 – Veteran’s Day)
-Wearing hoodies, cute jackets, scarves, and boots
-College football
-The leaves changing colors (love Burning Bushes especially)
-Aforementioned pumpkin-spiced lattes; hot apple cider
-Fall foods: shrimp & corn soup, red bean gumbo, chili, squash dishes
-Just enough of a nip in the air for rosy cheeks
-Raking leaves and then jumping in the pile

What are you some of your favorite things about fall?


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