A key to happiness: relishing your accomplishments

Another one down!

Most of us have glamorous, grand goals: to run a marathon, to run for public office, to become president of a company, to write a book, to retire by X age with $X.  And then you have the smaller ones: finish your stack of books, finish your car payment, get a raise, finally clean your apartment.

No matter how big or small, glamorous or boring your goals are, it’s important to take the time to feel good about them, to relish them, to pat yourself on the back. Because for every little goal you accomplish, you are one step closer to your bigger one – and to happiness.

Not everyone has to know about your goals and accomplishments. You may share that you got a promotion or earned a medal in a race, but you may not tell everyone that you finally cleaned out your closet, perfected a family recipe, or had a great second date. Or you may – it’s up to you. What really matters is that you take the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished for you – because whatever it was, you put time and energy into it.

Here are some of my recent accomplishments, big and small, that make me smile, and feel good about myself. What are yours?

  • Launching the third phase of a website at work – on time.
  • Running my second 10k, and improving my time. It was my third race this year – I just started racing this year.
  • Cooking a damn good chili to kick off fall.
  • Being invited to sit on a panel at a summit for a top fundraising & online database provider.
  • Making new friends after losing others.

Penny for your thoughts?

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