Now is the time to try something new

Full disclosure: that title came from my fortune cookie tonight. But it’s so fitting, as today I completed the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC — my first time doing that race and my longest distance yet since I started running races in 2010 (two 8ks & two 10ks down).

When I first signed up via the lottery a few months ago, I was excited and nervous, but April 3 was a long way down the road … literally and figuratively. I admit that I didn’t train as much as I should have (and I’m feeling it now). Excuses aside, I finished the race with a decent result for my first time, and I didn’t walk at all — which was my only goal going into the race. Knowing that I had never done the full length up to today, it was my way of managing expectations. Each step I took, each mile that I finished, I reminded myself of my goal and how great I’d feel after (if not physically, certainly mentally). I didn’t worry about people passing me or what my friends were doing — I just focused on the sunshine, the cherry blossoms, my breathing, and the music in my ears.

I tried something new today, and I finished it. One more small step in a grand plan, indeed.

A few days ago I heard live jazz at a restaurant and bar — something that had been on my wishlist for several years. I’ll definitely be going back to that place. Another “new” thing to cross off of my list.

Next up: going to Costa Rica by myself next month (albeit with a group of people I’ve never met), and some other things in my life I’m trying to change, update, and add to.  A new dress, a new car, a new friend, a new job — they all give you that same sense of contentment, satisfaction, accomplishment, or maybe even giddiness.

What is your something new going to be?


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