Get comfortable

Very comfortable

It’s a fact of human nature that many of us prefer to be in a state of contentment, of happiness, and stability. We like to feel safe, we want to be liked and loved, we need to feel needed at times.

In other words, we generally want to be comfortable.

“Make yourself at home!” says the dinner party host or your boyfriend’s mom when you walk in the door. “Get comfortable!” encourages a driver on a long ride or the massage therapist before she begins your session. We like comfy clothes like pajamas and sweatpants, and comfy couches with pillows and blankets aplenty. We describe situations as comfortable or not, and some people can make us feel the opposite of comfortable. And within our comfortable lives, whether that means financially or circumstantially, there are the little things that bring us comfort — some of which we are quick to note, and others which we take for granted, that many people around the world can only dream of.

Here are some of the things that make me comfortable, and I’m grateful for them all. What are yours?

  • A hot shower on a cold day, and a shower at all any day
  • A bed with clean sheets, soft blankets, and a pillow
  • A warm cup of coffee in the morning
  • Food that I cook and enjoy, either alone or with others
  • A well-worn Miami t-shirt and shorts
  • My dog
  • A dog-eared favorite book that I can read again and again
  • A good pair of running shoes
  • Fresh towels out of the dryer
  • Dinner with a friend, or a chill night in
  • Going to the grocery store with Mom
  • Listening to my favorite music

Penny for your thoughts?

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