Remembering college move-in day via the newspaper

Today is move in day for the class of 2017 at Miami University, my alma mater. I still remember my own move in day 10 years ago. My parents and I were crammed into our Mazda 626 with all of my stuff, and we pulled onto the lawn of Tappan Hall next to dozens of other cars. I almost started crying right then and there. A few minutes later I met my roommate, Katie, and within a couple of hours I was waving goodbye to my parents, excited to start the next four years of my life in Oxford, Ohio.

Above is the first issue of The Miami Student for that year, the paper I would soon write for, and later, I became the Managing Editor. (Note the Heisman hopeful piece about Ben Roethlisberger, who played his last season at Miami that year before being drafted to the Steelers.)

Ten years is a long time, but right now, it feels like it was just yesterday. Good luck to this year’s new class and to all classes at Miami and colleges everywhere. Love and honor!


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