Remembering college move-in day via the newspaper

Today is move in day for the class of 2017 at Miami University, my alma mater. I still remember my own move in day 10 years ago. My parents and I were crammed into our Mazda 626 with all of my stuff, and we pulled onto the lawn of Tappan Hall next to dozens ofContinue reading “Remembering college move-in day via the newspaper”


Friday, Friday, Friday!

-Got out of work early  +1 -Got a new dress from Ann Taylor. On sale. +1 -Had a great run. +1 -Made one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. +1 -Talked to my mom (and the dogs). +1 -Yesterday was 3 years with my boyfriend. +3 -Scored a ticket to the NCAA hockey championshipContinue reading “Friday, Friday, Friday!”