Let it be said, let it be done, etc, etc, etc.

Last fall, I said I wanted to push my limits and sign up for a half marathon. Yesterday, I ran my first 13.1 mile race, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in DC…and I will say that it easily is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and one of my proudest moments.Continue reading “Let it be said, let it be done, etc, etc, etc.”


Friday, Friday, Friday!

-Got out of work early  +1 -Got a new dress from Ann Taylor. On sale. +1 -Had a great run. +1 -Made one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. +1 -Talked to my mom (and the dogs). +1 -Yesterday was 3 years with my boyfriend. +3 -Scored a ticket to the NCAA hockey championshipContinue reading “Friday, Friday, Friday!”