Say “Hello” and Change Your Life Story

I have always been a people person. While I cherish my alone time and am happy to amuse myself and relax, I usually thrive in an environment that requires me to meet new people, ask questions, and get personal. Perhaps that’s why being a writer was always top of mind for me; I recognized earlyContinue reading “Say “Hello” and Change Your Life Story”

I love being a newbie knitter

Excitement. Nervousness. Enthusiasm. Drive. Curiosity. These are just a few of the feelings we may have when exploring a new hobby, topic of interest, job, or relationship. Think of the first few times you played an instrument, read books by a new author, or took surfing lessons or dance classes. There’s something about being aContinue reading “I love being a newbie knitter”

Celebrating one year in San Diego

This week marks one year since we moved to San Diego, which means I’m edging on two years since I moved to California (Remember that little stint up in Paso Robles? A distant memory for me, too.). In some ways, it seems like I have always been here, and in others, it feels like IContinue reading “Celebrating one year in San Diego”

Oh, the places we see

The topic for this month’s blog round robin is: Does travel change you?  Everyone says they love to travel, or want to travel more. I don’t think I know anyone that’s actually anti-travel; they may just be anti flying or staying in hotels. But who doesn’t love exploring new places and adding new experiences toContinue reading “Oh, the places we see”

The ROI of having a pet (Hint: it’s huge)

When my friend Leslie proposed the topic for the first round robin for a select group of bloggers, I couldn’t help but smile. It was a slam dunk: “Is having a pet worth it?” Where do I begin? Asking someone who has had dogs since she was six years old and who is known toContinue reading “The ROI of having a pet (Hint: it’s huge)”