Oh, the places we see

The topic for this month’s blog round robin is: Does travel change you?  Everyone says they love to travel, or want to travel more. I don’t think I know anyone that’s actually anti-travel; they may just be anti flying or staying in hotels. But who doesn’t love exploring new places and adding new experiences toContinue reading “Oh, the places we see”

Is Not Being Afraid the Same as Being Fearless?

Next up in the #BeFearless series, my friend Sarah, who works in online communications at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. You can read more of her stories at her blog, QueSarah.net. A little more than five years ago, an amazing opportunity was presented to me: a chance to go to Thailand for work, toContinue reading “Is Not Being Afraid the Same as Being Fearless?”

Hot time, summer in the city

After weeks of waffling between cold rains and random warm days, it seems like summer is pretty much officially here in DC. We’ve had a stretch of days with temperatures into the 80s, humidity first thing in the morning, and hot breezes into the late evening. Here we go! Summers hold some of the bestContinue reading “Hot time, summer in the city”

Life is short. Are you living?

Recently, I wrote about making a dedicated effort to try new things to have a little fun, expand upon a skill, or to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re trying new things or indulging in old favorites, stopping to smell the roses and enjoy life is something we all advise, but many ofContinue reading “Life is short. Are you living?”

Latest trend: continuing to try new things

This weekend I was in New York City for some work events. It was my fourth time to the city, yet every time, I have always gone in for work and left without really doing anything fun or exploring on my own. This time, I was determined to change that. Originally, my trip called forContinue reading “Latest trend: continuing to try new things”