Life is short. Are you living?

Recently, I wrote about making a dedicated effort to try new things to have a little fun, expand upon a skill, or to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re trying new things or indulging in old favorites, stopping to smell the roses and enjoy life is something we all advise, but many ofContinue reading “Life is short. Are you living?”


How does it make you feel?

The title of this post isn’t just something that therapists ask ad nauseum (although it does make me chuckle when it happens) — it’s something that we don’t often think about in the most literal terms when analyzing our emotions. Generally, when someone asks how something makes us feel, we use adjectives such as sad,Continue reading “How does it make you feel?”

Charge that to someone else’s emotional bank account

When work has been hell, your friends are not being such good friends, and things are happening around you out of your control, it’s easy to feel down about it. You might feel sad, angry, or helpless. You might think that by continuing to truck along and do your thing, into work at 8, outContinue reading “Charge that to someone else’s emotional bank account”


Knowing and recognizing our emotional triggers and not letting them take control of us are two very different things. It’s definitely one of those “easier said than done” instances. Have you ever worked at something for months, for years, maybe your whole life, and then one tiny little thing that someone says or maybe worse,Continue reading “Triggers”