Charge that to someone else’s emotional bank account

Cut down on your emotional debt

When work has been hell, your friends are not being such good friends, and things are happening around you out of your control, it’s easy to feel down about it. You might feel sad, angry, or helpless. You might think that by continuing to truck along and do your thing, into work at 8, out at 6:30 or 7, a drink or two with a coworker, and going to bed too late, that you’re taking care of it.

I know for me, that’s the opposite of taking care of it. So when I am not leaving work at a decent hour to go home and work out, cook a healthy meal, and get to bed early, it affects me. When I don’t stop for a few days and reflect, or write, or cry, or make time for myself, it starts to all hit me at once — I’m emotionally drained, physically drained, and ready to cut someone’s head off — in addition to my own.

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