The ROI of having a pet (Hint: it’s huge)

When my friend Leslie proposed the topic for the first round robin for a select group of bloggers, I couldn’t help but smile. It was a slam dunk: “Is having a pet worth it?” Where do I begin? Asking someone who has had dogs since she was six years old and who is known toContinue reading “The ROI of having a pet (Hint: it’s huge)”

Another goodbye to another brother

This post was supposed to be about my trip to Costa Rica. That changed when I talked to my mom yesterday morning and I learned that Harrison, my ailing 13-year-old dog, had been put to sleep while I was away. For months I had been dreading the news. Maybe I had been dreading it everContinue reading “Another goodbye to another brother”

Good night, Ceeter Cotter

This afternoon, I was in the midst of a sunny, warm outing to the Adam’s Morgan Day Festival with a couple of friends, when I got a call from my mom – and immediately knew something was wrong. “Casey’s gone,” she said. My world stopped. Casey, my little tri-colored corgi, “Ceeter Cotter,” as we nicknamedContinue reading “Good night, Ceeter Cotter”