Friday, Friday, Friday!

-Got out of work early  +1
-Got a new dress from Ann Taylor. On sale. +1
-Had a great run. +1
-Made one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. +1
-Talked to my mom (and the dogs). +1
-Yesterday was 3 years with my boyfriend. +3
-Scored a ticket to the NCAA hockey championship tomorrow, in which my alma mater is playing. Seeing it with friends. +2
-Talked to my best friend +1
-Ate watermelon. Been craving it. +1
-Feel good about removing a toxic person from my life. +1
-Got Marley & Me on DVD and peanut butter eggs as an Easter gift in the mail today. +2

Total: 15
Conclusion: Life is good. Really good.

Happy early birthday to Dad!

A few things that lift my spirits

It rained today and I woke up not feeling well. However, here are some things that make me brush that off:

-sushi for dinner
-my weekly dose of Grey’s Anatomy
-still feeling awesome about my long run yesterday and looking forward to doing it again this weekend
-knowing I have trips to Louisiana and home booked for the next two months
-pepperidge farm white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
-talking to my mom
-a good, long nap

What about you?