Blog Love: The Liebster Award

Liebester AwardI’m not a chain letter kind of gal. Nor do I copy and post those silly status updates on Facebook that I see cluttering up my feed about anything and everything (“Pass it on so we know if you’re a real friend!”). But, I am about recognizing other bloggers, other women who are living life to the fullest, and helping a girl out with some online love. So when Michelle of Hey Love Designs passed The Liebster Award on to me, I agreed to pass it on to others. Michelle, like many other people I have connected with via social media, is still only a virtual friend, but here’s why I like her: she participated in my snail mail project with Leslie, she makes gorgeous paper products, and totally owns who she is — a pole-dancing, dog-loving, font-obsessed entrepreneur. And she just seems happy, which is tops in my book. So thanks Michelle for recognizing Lagniappe.

Here’s how this whole Liebster Award thing works:

1. Link to the blogger that nominated your blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions they asked. (see below)
3. List 11 facts about yourself. (see below)
4. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 3000 followers. (or how about I just pick some faves)
5. Ask 11 new questions which these 5 bloggers will answer (optional, I won’t be offended if you don’t!)

(P.S. It should be no surprise that I love the 11 things/11 questions theme. See why here.)

Here goes…

11 Questions for Me:

1.  What show do you love right now? Since some of my favorites are not in season right now, it’s got to be Scandal. It’s so ridiculous and dramatic, but I love it.
2.  What’s your favorite season and why? Without a doubt, fall. Football, Thanksgiving, my birthday, fall foods, hoodies, the leaves. It’s just got it all.
3.  If you could trade lives with any celebrity, who would it be? Hmm, I don’t know that I want the celeb life. Does Terry Gross count? She interviews some pretty awesome people on Fresh Air (NPR).
4.  Would you rather live in a small home in a city or a large home in the country? Now that I’ve done both? I think the city, for this life phase (as I sit on a 4-acre property in the middle of wine country and write this), but I could see myself retiring in the country. Who knows. They both have their pros and cons.
5.  Are leggings pants? No. I’m probably in the minority for saying that. I don’t do leggings.
6.  What is your favorite outdoor activity? I’m a runner, so that’s first, but after that…I love standup paddleboarding now! (SUPing)
7.  If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, and money and time were not an issue, where would you go? I’m trying to check off my must-visit places, and now that I’ve covered some in the top of the list, the biggest one left for me is London. I’m a huge British history and lit buff, so I’ve been dying to go to England for years.
8.  What’s a fun childhood memory that most people don’t know?  I share a lot of memories, so let’s see what’s left… when I was a little girl, my neighbors and their four kids would babysit me all the time. I became one of the family. Their youngest son, Jimmy, would be Johnny Castle and I would be Baby and I would run down the hallway and we would do the lift, Dirty Dancing style. It went on for years, until I was too big for him to lift me anymore.
9.  Every time you hear this song, you can’t help but sing it at the top of your lungs. Name that song! Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, by The Temptations.
10.  Live to eat or eat to live? Ummm… it depends?
11.  What’s your favorite Disney movie? Is it possible to have a four-way tie? The Lion King, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, and Lady and the Tramp. I suppose it could go in that order if I’m really forced to pick.

shrimp poboy

11 Facts About Me

1.  I had imaginary friends named Patty, Marcus, and Stephanie. That’s what only children do, I guess.
2.  My parents gave me a dictionary for my 7th birthday. I read it front and back, and it’s still on my shelf today.
3.  I always ask for Andes mints in my stocking at Christmas. But while my parents share their candy, I hoard mine.
4.  I still do not know how to blow a bubble with bubblegum. It sucks.
5.  I was in a community performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in middle school. I still remember the entire soundtrack.
6.  I hate feet. I don’t even like people touching me with socks on. I also don’t like ketchup leftover on a plate or dipping into someone else’s. It weirds me out.
7.  I don’t consider a visit home to Louisiana complete without having a shrimp poboy.
8.  I didn’t have my first kiss until a month before I turned 18, as a senior in high school. It was on my driveway when my date dropped me off after the Homecoming dance.
9.  I volunteered at a nursing home for two summers before high school, and me and the other kids were featured in the newspaper. I met some of the most amazing, memorable people there.
10.  I’ve never broken a bone and I’ve never been to a movie alone.
11.  I was a tour guide in college.

My Blog Picks

1. Leslie Farnsworth
2. QueSarah
3. From East to West
4. Live & Lavergne
5. On a Pink Typewriter

Next Round of Questions

1.  If you could be a character on any classic TV show, who would you be?
2.  Jeans or a Dress?
3.  If you could relive any moment from your past, what it would be and why?
4.  What’s your favorite quality about your mom/dad/both?
5.  What book from childhood did you read again and again?
6.  If you were on The Amazing Race, who would you pick to be your partner?
7.  Who would you write a letter to, if you knew they would write back? Famous or not. Dead or alive.
8.  What song reminds you of your childhood?
9.  Would you rather redecorate and redesign your kitchen, or your bedroom?
10. What’s the best quality in the man/boy who means the most to you?
11. What’s one thing you wish you could have told your 18-year-old self?

So that’s it, folks. Let’s see what happens!



2 thoughts on “Blog Love: The Liebster Award

  1. YAY! Thanks for playing along! I think it’s so fun to learn a little bit more about your blog friends and spread the blog love. I’m also currently addicted to Scandal and I’m so glad you love SUP too! I just need more access to water and warmer temps… 🙂


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