11 goals for 11/11/11

My 24th birthday

In two months, I will be 27. Not such a big milestone, but it will also be 11/11/11, which is pretty epic in the calendar world, so I’ll make the most of it on my end, too. I’m not sure yet how I will celebrate, or whom it will be with, but until then, I have some things I want to do, specifically, 11 things. Eleven things to expand my mind and my heart, to build onto this ideal of wellness I am trying to attain. Things that you can help with, too, if you so desire. Or you can make a list of your own – whatever the number may be.

Here are my 11 by 11/11/11:

1.   Try 11 new recipes.

2.   Give a handwritten note to 11 people.

3.   Run at least 11 miles each week.

4.   Write 11 blog posts.

5.   Do something nice for 11 people.

6.   Do/visit/eat at/try 11 different places, restaurants, or things to do.

7.   Reach out to 11 people not expecting to hear from me.

8.   Read 11 books.

9.   Meet 11 new people.

10. Learn 11 new things.

11. Be happy with who I am.



6 thoughts on “11 goals for 11/11/11

  1. Good luck with your list! I’m also making a list of my own. That’s how I found yours. I’m searching for ideas. Mind if I steal a couple? : ) Btw, I’m also turning 27. Hope your birthday is a smash!


    1. Hi Jules! Happy early birthday to you! That’s awesome that you’re making your own list, too – and definitely feel free to steal some ideas! I’ll be interested to know how it goes for ya.


  2. 11 is my favorite number (It’s cliche, but my birthday is on the 11th, so I have always loved it). 11/11/11 was made for me!

    I especially like your “11 handwritten notes.” There’s something so wonderful about taking the time to write out a quick word of support, encouragement, or to simply say hi. I love writing letters and notes. It’s such a forgotten thing.


    1. Completely legit question, and thanks for posing it! I think although I would like to achieve goals 1-10, I accept that all may not happen, and that 11 is within my control just as much as the rest are. So that being said, 11 is almost the first priority – the end all, be all, regardless of how 1-10 go.


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