Do you doubt yourself before you’ve even started?

I knew I wanted to write about this, but I didn’t know the title until one of the new trainers on The Biggest Loser said it to a contestant tonight. Aha! I said.

But realizing that the answer to that question is often yes for me is not quite as fun. If you’re already feeling bluesy about your body before you get to work, the answer is YES, you doubt yourself before you’ve even started. If you worry about messing up a project before you’ve even written out the plan, the answer is YES, you doubt yourself before you’ve started. If you hear news of a friend or cousin getting engaged and think, it will never be my turn, then YES, you doubt yourself before you’ve started.

Of course the “you” in this story is me. But maybe it is you, too. I want to wake up each day and feel motivated and inspired and happy with who I am, but a few days a week, I’m feeling the exact opposite. I’m annoyed with everything and everyone, I don’t trust that I’ll succeed, I don’t believe that I’m valued and needed as a coworker, a friend, a daughter. And I want to go to bed feeling motivated, inspired, and happy with who I am, too. I want to know and believe that I’m loved by many people, that I’ve got plenty of opportunity ahead, that life is full of so many surprises and challenges, just waiting for me.

If I don’t doubt myself before I’ve even started the day, life would be so much easier. Don’t you agree?

On The Biggest Loser, these contestants are trying to lose dozens, maybe hundreds of pounds. Some of them have been affected by tragedy or trauma. Some of them have lived a life of doubt, shooting themselves in the foot before they even allow themselves to have a dream, much less go after it. I watch these people, and I the trainers asking them why they doubt themselves, why they fear becoming someone accomplished and great and loved and healthy. I shake my head, I say, come on – get with the program! Get rid of all the crap floating around in your head and be a believer – be someone who believes in yourself.

I suppose that even though I’m not on a reality show trying to lose weight, I could do that, too. Could you?


(*Looks like The Biggest Loser is making an impact on the bodies and minds of more than just the contestants on the show, according to this NPR piece)


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