Giving & #GoodSpotting as a Millennial this Holiday Season

After working in the nonprofit sector for my entire professional career so far (nearly six years for those of you keeping track), giving back is pretty much a part of my everyday life now. In my first job, I became invested in the issues of my clients at the agency I worked at, and atContinue reading “Giving & #GoodSpotting as a Millennial this Holiday Season”

A little gratitude, today and every day

On Thanksgiving, the focus is on acknowledging what we’re grateful for (okay, and on food and football) — it’s family, friends, loved ones, our health, and so on. We start saying our thanks out loud around the table from an early age, right before we begin the big meal, and into adulthood, the ritual continues,Continue reading “A little gratitude, today and every day”

What I really learned at the Nonprofit Technology Conference

After waiting four years for my turn to come up to attend NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference, I jumped on the chance to attend this year’s show in DC on behalf of my organization (accompanied by one of my lovely online team members). And although I wrote down a few notes of things to followContinue reading “What I really learned at the Nonprofit Technology Conference”