Giving & #GoodSpotting as a Millennial this Holiday Season

After working in the nonprofit sector for my entire professional career so far (nearly six years for those of you keeping track), giving back is pretty much a part of my everyday life now. In my first job, I became invested in the issues of my clients at the agency I worked at, and atContinue reading “Giving & #GoodSpotting as a Millennial this Holiday Season”

Giving back doesn’t have to mean $$

“Giving back” is the new, sexy buzz phrase these days – EVERYONE wants a piece of the philanthropy pie. It’s on the nightly news broadcasts, in every blog, and if you work at a non-profit like me, everything you do is about giving back. But I noticed that “giving back” often has the same connotationsContinue reading “Giving back doesn’t have to mean $$”