Stumped on what to give this year? Try these ideas.

  Ah, holiday shopping. Whether you have 10 people to buy for, or one, it’s never quite as easy as you expect it to be. For all the items that are plug and play on your Amazon list or in and out of the store, there are just as many that leave you clueless, runningContinue reading “Stumped on what to give this year? Try these ideas.”


These things are the wonderful things…

…we’ll remember all through our lives. So goes a verse in the Carpenters’ Christmas classic, “Sleigh Ride.” This song will be playing while my parents and I drag up the big plastic containers with red and green lids from the basement that snugly hold our universe of Christmas decorations. We’ll pick and choose from theContinue reading “These things are the wonderful things…”

Giving back doesn’t have to mean $$

“Giving back” is the new, sexy buzz phrase these days – EVERYONE wants a piece of the philanthropy pie. It’s on the nightly news broadcasts, in every blog, and if you work at a non-profit like me, everything you do is about giving back. But I noticed that “giving back” often has the same connotationsContinue reading “Giving back doesn’t have to mean $$”