100 posts, thousands left unwritten

Tonight I’m writing my 100th blog post on jennasauber.com. Back when I began this blog in November of 2007, I wasn’t sure if this site was going to be mostly for my published work as a professional calling card, if it was going to be my online journal, or a combination of both.

I wasn’t sure how much of my private life I would share, or if I cared if anyone actually read it. Now more than two years later, I’ve shared quite a bit, and although I don’t know my exact following, I’m pleased to see that I have a small group of loyal readers, some who know me closely, and some whom I’ve never met.

100 posts later, there are many days I don’t know what to write, if I want to write, or if what I wrote was good enough to go live. In starting this post, I had no idea what to write. I suppose I could have just said “100 schmundred!” and not cared about a theme or making it a big deal, but I’m a dates and anniversary and recognition type person, so that wouldn’t have lasted very long.

With 100 posts comes at least 100 reasons I decided to write something down and make it live. With 100 posts comes ten times more memories and moments that I did not write down, because they were too fleeting, too private, too confusing, too indescribable. With 100 posts come many lessons learned over the last couple of years… and that is what I wanted to share with you today:

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