The littlest things make it hard to move on…

When looking back at a lifetime of memories, relationships, milestones, and decisions, it’s easy to lump them into categories and think you’re done with it. That was the “first job” stuff. That was the “move to the big city” year. That was the “neglectful father” stage. That was the “4-year relationship breakup” moment. That was the “new friends” phase. That was the “former BFF” summer.

They come together in weeks, months, or maybe years. They are represented by a blog entry here, a Facebook album there. They take up our dreams or nightmares for awhile, fill our therapy sessions and coworker coffee breaks until the topic becomes stale. And over time, these moments become what we think are distant memories, like faces of our loved ones that have passed and with each day we find it harder and harder to remember every detail of their face, their voice, their personality.

And then, the littlest thing makes it all so clear.

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