Whom do you love? Virtue vs. villainy in literature

In last weekend’s New York Times book review, Bookends asked, “Can a virtuous character be interesting?” Two writers, Thomas Mallon and Alice Gregory, present their case for which type of literary character makes for more interesting reading: a good person, or a villainous one? Mallon begins his argument for the “villain” with classic examples: Scarlett overContinue reading “Whom do you love? Virtue vs. villainy in literature”

Six Life Lessons from Jane Austen

I’ve loved Jane Austen’s works since I first received “Emma” as a Christmas gift more than 20 years ago. But I only recently began reading essays and books on why we love her stories so much 200 years later, and what they mean to us on a personal level, beyond the basic lit class critiques.Continue reading “Six Life Lessons from Jane Austen”