Jenna’s Chillin’ New Year’s Eve

The title doesn’t have the same ring as Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve does it? Oh well…I’m perfectly fine with that, because instead of standing in freezing cold, rainy Times Square, I’m snug in my bed at my parents’ house in Cincinnati, with my heating blanket on, knowing that right above me sleeping are my wonderful Mom & Dad and two adorable corgis.

I’ve been lacking in my posts in the last couple of weeks while at home, but it’s only fitting to do a year-end post. Because I love lists, part of the post is a compilation of some of 2009’s best moments. See that later. First, a little reflection…

2009 began with a bang with President Obama taking office. February marked two years since I moved to DC, and March brought my 1-year anniversary at my job.  April was three years with my boyfriend, and August was one year in my studio apartment. November was the big 25th birthday, and I will remember this Christmas as probably the last time I will get to spend a full two weeks around the holidays at home. That’s a lot of occasions, celebrations and memories.

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