Googling life, failure, and fear

Next up in my #BeFearless series, is my friend Drew Myers. I first connected with Drew online, over baseball and our shared love of advocacy. I met him in person when we volunteered for a Back on My Feet event in Philly, and the rest is history. You can read more from Drew at his blog, Defining Audacity

I’ve always wanted to write about “using” Google – keep up with my searches over a certain amount of time and blog about it. I thought it would be a unique and interesting peek behind my metaphorical curtain:

– What am I curious about?

– What’s on my mind?

– What interests me?

– What confuses me?

As a retired stay-at-home dad, who is trying to change the world one blog post at a time, I type some interesting things into the Google search bar:

• Teach your toddler to spit

• How do you know if your car seat is installed correctly?

• How often should a toddler poop?

Besides tips on daddyhood, I’m constantly searching for inspirational blog fodder online. Here’s a good search example that resulted in the inspiration for this post:

“What are people’s biggest fears?”

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