Counting down to life…

I’m really excited right now for a few reasons. First, Dan comes in a few days. It’s been about two months and it seems like a lot more. More importantly, he’s coming and then on Saturday we’re leaving for Louisiana to see my family, which I really thrilled about. I can’t stop thinking about the food, honestly, which sounds sad. But seriously. Home-cooked jambalaya and gumbo, and wonderfully spiced boiled crawfish and crab, with the juice dripping down on your hands and you need a beer to cool your burning mouth. Powdered-sugar coated beignets and shrimp po-boys, mm mm. It will be a fun time all around.

On another note, I think it’s time to talk about my new adventure happening in a few weeks. A couple weeks ago I received a job offer from the United Nations Foundation to be an online communications officer there. This is my last week at my current job, and I’ll be starting at the new place in two weeks. It’s been a really interesting process looking for jobs the second time around. In a way, it’s harder because now that I know more of what I want, I’m pickier and it seems the options are more limited, despite the fact that I have more experience now. It’s nice to be able to have more to say when being interviewed about your job performance and specific projects you’ve led or had success with. I’m looking forward to this next step and second job, at which I see myself for a few years. I like that I’ll be more focused on a couple of projects and on initiatives that are really engaging and worthwhile. I also like that I’ll have more opportunities to write for the Web, and that I can leave the more traditional PR stuff I was doing at times behind. It’s just over a year that I moved to DC, and almost a year that I started my job, so I think it’s a great time to move forward.

What experiences have you had when looking for your second job?


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