Some catching up to do

Eating crawfishIt’s so easy to not update this for a week or more when there is travel and changing jobs all at once. But there is plenty to say!

Dan and I had a wonderful trip in Louisiana. We were very lucky to find a flight through Houston to New Orleans after our original flight through Cleveland was cancelled thanks to a blizzard. I was about to be really upset if we were kept from going southwest, away from all the action of the storm. But we made it in safely on Saturday night and enjoyed a fattening fried seafood meal with some of the family. The next day we went to my aunt and uncle’s camp out on the lake and had the best boiled crawfish I have had in years, along with the usual potato salad, shrimp remoulade, and cream cheese with pepper jelly spread. It was a feast and a beautiful day. Much of the family made it out, except for a few cousins, so I was really glad that everyone came together and that Dan got to meet everyone. The next couple days we spent rolling around town, checking out the “sights” and visiting more family and friends. We continued to eat well (beignets, shrimp po-boys, butter beans and shrimp, gumbo), I got a free haircut from my aunt, and Dan got to see some alligators, which was on his list. All around, a very lovely trip and as always, too short.

Once Dan left, I had a few days off to relax before my new job started yesterday. The break was nice, but I’m really enjoying work already. The UNF does great things, and all of the people are very welcoming, friendly and creative. It will be an exciting place to work, and I think I might get to go to NYC a couple of times just in the next few weeks, so those are things to look forward to. I also like that I’m busy already. First day stuff was of course paperwork, introductions, and usual new hire stuff. But I got started on some background information for the project I’ll be primarily working for, Nothing But Nets, and today even did some stuff on email messaging. So all is well, and I think I’ll be very happy there!

Fenton farewellOther random bits:
-Saw Michael Clayton (very good), Gone Baby Gone (good), and No Country for Old Men (interesting?)
-Hoping to go home for Memorial Day to see M, D & boys
-Cherry blossoms are coming! Yay for warm weather and pretty flowers.
-On my last day at the old gig, had a great happy hour with my friends and coworkers. I’m really going to miss some of those people over there, and I hope we continue hanging out. It was a good send-off.


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