Sickness to health

Boy has it been awhile since I’ve posted, and I do apologize. I’ve had a couple people asking about it. To be honest, I haven’t been as good at this since Dan arrived for the summer. It’s no excuse, since there is lots to talk about, but I just have not felt like doing it. But now I’m back.

The last week has been insane. Tuesday before this past one, I got really really sick, and I had what I thought was the worst case of flu ever for a few days. I mean the works: fever of 104 multiple times, severe chills, back pain, nausea, etc. But then, when we went to Cleveland to visit Dan’s parents, I wasn’t getting any better and we went to urgent care. I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. It was like “whoa, this is a big deal.” I was put on some meds and it took a couple days to kick in, and I was still wiped when I went back to work this week, but by Wednesday, I was back up to par. I had not been that sick…ever. And it was weird missing several days of work, but everyone was so flexible with me and supportive. I really owe it to my boss and my team for making it easy for me to settle back in and get back up to health and up to speed on work stuff. And I totally owe Dan and his mom for taking such good care of me! They were quite the diligent nurses, making sure I had water, was taking my temp, etc. It was nice to be watched over so nicely.

Now that I’m better, it’s back to business. This weekend, I’m going walk around the city to find myself a studio apartment. I’ve been struggling so far just because so many places still don’t know their availability for August, so I’ve had to wait. We’ll see what comes out of tomorrow, but I hope it gets more promising in the next week or so. I cannot WAIT to be on my own, and hopefully closer into the city where I work and where my friends live.

I saw Mom over the weekend too, when we stopped in Columbus on the way back home. It was nice to see her and the dogs. Wish I could see Dad, but he’s been in Maine for photo and video school, having a good time. I’ll go home in September, but it would be nice to see him again before then. We shall see! I just hope he is enjoying what he’s doing. To see a short video he made from some film he took at a wild horse sanctuary in California, go here.


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