Apartment search is over

…finally! I was starting to freak out, too. There were some options that I thought were good and fell through, one in particular, and I was starting to get worried because every building I was calling had no more August availability. In the end, I got a studio in a great place in Cleveland Park, and I’m paying a lot more than I wanted, but it’s the only thing that’s out there. I don’t think I could have waited much longer to get something at the price I wanted, in an area I wanted. I’m pleased with the place and the area this time, so that’s really important to me. The money will work itself out – I’m a star budgeter when I need to be, and I know what sacrifices can be made. It also means I should try to get some freelance work going again- anyone know of anything I can do?

So that means only a few weeks left in my current place. Yay for being able to have my own space and not worry about my stuff being messed up or doors being left unlocked at all hours!

I finally went to the batting cages this weekend when Dan and I went to Syracuse. I had been wanting to for awhile. And boy is it harder than it looks! I did the slowest possible level of baseball, and it took me a few rounds until I actually hit a few. I was much better at the slow softball. And now I’m crazy sore in my arms and back. Another first- we went to a drive-in movie. It was pretty cool, and cheap compared to today’s theater costs. We saw Hancock – it was not bad at all. And the last fun thing we did was stop in Hershey, PA on the way home today. We did the Factory “tour” and then got a few things in the gift shop and had massive sundaes and should have just shared one.

Next weekend: Baltimore aquarium and Orioles game


One thought on “Apartment search is over

  1. Wow!! Congrats!! I’m so happy that your apartment search is over!! Things really seem to be coming together, and your summer has been full of lovely trips!

    Dang, you’ve been in DC for close to two years and survived living with roomies. Kudos to you!

    I’m going to be traveling to St. Louis and Chicago in about two weeks and am soooooooooooo excited. I should actually put an end to the drought in my page and blog about it. Stay tuned!


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