Gustav growls, doesn’t bite

After intense preparations, mandatory evacuations and a rescheduled LSU Tigers football season opener, Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana as a category 2 and is slowly finishing its route up through the state. The people that have lived in Southeastern Louisiana their whole lives know the process- nail boards to the windows, fill the hurricane lamps, and stock up on water, vienna sausages and crackers. But after Katrina hit three years ago, this time around was different.

This time, when it was time to get out, most people did. This time, people (my family included) added text messaging to their cell phone plans so that even if they couldn’t call, they could send a message to reassure loved ones of their safety. This time, the Saints went marching out well before the storms hit – and no one was allowed to use their home, the Superdome, either.

But this time, despite power outages for more than 800,000 homes, and despite giant oak trees hundreds of years old toppling to the ground like jenga blocks, things are “okay.”

I’m so thankful. Now if only CNN would take heed to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s warning that this is not an overnight process. It’s not over yet. Then why does the top stories list have not one single story about Gustav? Unbelievable.

I am thankful.


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