New place, better space

I’ve been in my new place for a little over a week so far, and it’s such a great change for so many reasons. I love coming home to only my stuff and not having to clean up after anyone else. I love that I’m closer to work, and I love that I don’t have to worry about things like unlocked doors, dirty dishes, etc.

Dan left a couple days after he helped me move in, so it’s back to just me, but more than ever now that I don’t have roommates. I’ve been hanging out with some friends and keeping busy with work, so it’s fine, but I do miss him. I’m glad I get to see him again in October, when I’ll go to Syracuse.

Work has been so insane. We have Fridays off in August, but for the last two Fridays, I’ve gone in to work for a few hours to get some things done. As always, a lot of great stuff at work, but it just gets intense at times. And hopefully we’ll be launching the new UNF site soon too!

I get to go home in a little under a month, which I’m also excited about. I haven’t seen my parents since May other than one night I had dinner with mom when she was in town. It’s always nice to go home for a long weekend and just relax. I can’t believe it’s almost fall already- that means holiday stuff will creep up on us before you know it.

The pics are from some final adventures with Dan, and from my new place. Enjoy!


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