It’s not personal

I don’t know if it’s more common for folks working in the nonprofit sector or not, but I know that I have a really hard time keeping work and personal life separate. And I don’t mean the work-life balance like not checking email at night or talking about work with friends. I mean more likeContinue reading “It’s not personal”


Want something? Ask for it!

There are hundreds of books and audio tapes and sermons and suggestions out there on how to get what you really want…how to succeed in business…how to get the love you want, etc. Pretty much anything you want or need, there is something out there for you on how to get there. Except maybe moreContinue reading “Want something? Ask for it!”

When it feels like it should be Friday

Who here walks into the office on some Monday mornings and wishes it were Friday already? (Raised hand) And who no longer thinks happy hours are only for Thursdays and Fridays but should be arranged earlier and more frequently as soon as the sun starts shining on a regular basis? (other hand raised) No matterContinue reading “When it feels like it should be Friday”

Full disclosure: plugs for my work & colleagues

Wow. A kickoff to an annual day of recognition for one campaign, a dedicated fundraising effort on a primetime TV show watched by nearly 40 million people, and the beginnings of a new flagship campaign — all in one week — all the combined efforts of the wonderful people I work with. My About pageContinue reading “Full disclosure: plugs for my work & colleagues”