Full disclosure: plugs for my work & colleagues

Wow. A kickoff to an annual day of recognition for one campaign, a dedicated fundraising effort on a primetime TV show watched by nearly 40 million people, and the beginnings of a new flagship campaign — all in one week — all the combined efforts of the wonderful people I work with. My About pageContinue reading “Full disclosure: plugs for my work & colleagues”


This is why I came to DC

Since January 13, the day after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, I have been consumed by all things…Haiti. Tweeting, Facebooking, mobile texting, emailing, updating, you name it, it has been about Haiti. The moment I saw the news, I knew that for the rest of the week, it was going to be a different worldContinue reading “This is why I came to DC”

Celebrate UN Peacekeepers Day!

Sometimes celebrity endorsements are just for show, but this one is real. George Clooney was recently made a UN Messenger of Peace, to acknowledge the work he’s been doing in Darfur for the last several years. Today is UN Peacekeepers Day, and the Better World Campaign partnered with Clooney to thank the hard-working men andContinue reading “Celebrate UN Peacekeepers Day!”