Full disclosure: plugs for my work & colleagues

Wow. A kickoff to an annual day of recognition for one campaign, a dedicated fundraising effort on a primetime TV show watched by nearly 40 million people, and the beginnings of a new flagship campaign — all in one week — all the combined efforts of the wonderful people I work with.

My About page says it: that anything I say on this blog is from me and by me only, and not endorsed by my employer – and that’s true. Usually I am subtle when giving kudos to the issues I work on, and use banners or buried links to show what I’m focused on 9-10 hours every day, but today is different. Today – it deserves a real mention.

This is a shoutout to the great work of the United Nations Foundation. To the great work of my teammates and my department, Public Affairs, and all of the other staff involved in these amazing and impactful projects. This is to say that even on the days when we want to tear our hair out, go hide in the corner, close out our emails, and say “no,” that the power of  saying “yes” to inspirational and innovative ideas is so worth it in the end. It’s so worth reading emails or tweets from our supporters, giving us props for our shoutout on American Idol, for pledging to end malaria, for empowering girls around the world. It’s worth the emails that our team shares immediately after a win, full of pride and virtual pats on the back and sighs of relief that the hard part is done.

Sometimes in our daily work, we get caught up in the negative moments and the frustrating times – but in the last three days, I can truly say that I have been able to come home and still say that I feel so honored and fortunate to work at a place like the UN Foundation, and with such amazing, passionate, hard-working people.

And with that:

-Sign up to Sleep Out to End Malaria on April 24, the Eve of World Malaria Day at www.nothingbutnets.net/sleepout.

-Visit www.unfoundation.org/idol to donate to help the UN help Haiti rebuild and recover.


World Malaria Day. Send a net. Save a life.

I’m going to be gone tomorrow at a wedding all day, so this is my plug while I have a chance. Tomorrow, April 25, is World Malaria Day.

Ashton is playing ding-dong-ditch with Ted Turner, and then bringing Demi over for a bison burger at Ted’s house. Then Rick Reilly is going to do the dishes. Why? Because nets save lives. Because malaria is the leading killer of refugees, and it’s so so easy to spend $10 and send a net and save a life – maybe multiple lives. $10!

$10= new cd
$10= lunch
$10=movie on iTunes
$10= upper level seats at a Nats game
$10= 2 beers in DC, or one drink, depending on what you get


$10=a child’s life or his or her whole family’s lives, saved from malaria. all because of one simple bed net.

It can’t be that hard. Send a net. Save a life today. http://www.NothingButNets.net