Left unasked, finding out the answers too late can cause problems. But sometimes, asking them hurts more.

Asking the right questions of people you care about can lead to discussing elephants in the room that need to be cleared out. But then there’s the questions that may be wrong, or if not wrong, they make you wonder why they were asked in the first place. Do they have a hidden meaning? Does it point to a deeper concern or is it truly just a simple question?

Questions. Tears. Fights. Doubts.

Question: what’s next?


One thought on “Questions

  1. My life’s work is asking important health questions of people you care about so the elephants in the room can start being cleared away and we can finally make our nation that believes in sickness care one that believes in wellness care.

    I’m talking about asking folks if they practice early detection methods and screening of chronic diseases like cancer so they can help change their odds of getting sick in the first place.

    Unfortunately, many people are in denial about their health and scared to talk about it. How would you approach someone you care about to become more pro active before its too late?


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