Memories…of the way we were…

Yeah, it’s cheesy. And if you’re a guy reading this, you’re probably like, “Seriously?” The girls know though.

Anyway, this isn’t about Robert Redford or a romance that went wrong. This weekend there were two events that dregged up memories, and so it’s just interesting to look back sometimes and think about how things have changed – or not.

On Saturday I went to Miami’s Bicentennial Charter Day event for the DC chapter. It reminded me of  a high school reunion. Drinks, a band, mingling, sometimes awkward, mostly fun. The awkward part of course was running into people you sort of knew and now you have no idea what to say to them, or running into people that you knew when you dated old boyfriends, etc. etc. And I saw a bunch of people that I knew would be there so that was fun. One of my more dramatic and disappointing moments in college is associated with some of those people, and although things are fine now, it’s one of those situations that don’t ever quite go away, and there will always be a barrier. Which kinda sucks, but such is how life works. I’m on different paths than some of these people anyway.

Then on Sunday I saw Molly, my best friend from home and that’s always a fabulous time. I met her bf, and they have a similar story to me and my own boyfriend, in that they were friends for several years before they finally started dating. Molly had her aha! moment with her guy just like I did with Dan. And of course, she and I reminisced about all of our favorite stories from middle school and high school, did the basic chatter about people we knew and what they’re doing now, etc. It was just a great time over all. There was a time when Molly and I drifted for a bit, but now, I think we’ll always be there for each other and that’s good to know and something we can both look forward to.

Ok, cheesiness done.

Oh, and happy early Mardi Gras!


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