The usual

When someone asks you how your day was, or your week, or if they haven’t talked to you in awhile, how is life, do you say “the usual”? I say it quite a bit, but when I really think about what has been going on, it’s not always just the usual. If I break down every day and every thing that happened and all the things I remember at the end of each week, it’s not just that I worked out and I ate and slept and worked and showered. It’s maybe that I cried, or got upset with someone, or maybe one day I got a really nice compliment, or I was super productive at work. Maybe I talked to a friend I hadn’t heard from in months, or had a really good meal. The point is, when you think about each moment as individual ones and not lump everything into one, things may not be just “the usual” after all.

Over the last couple of weeks, here are some things that happened that weren’t just the usual for me:

-My long-distance boyfriend visited (every visit is treated as “new”)
-I made macaroni & cheese with Velveeta, and homemade bbq chicken wings. (it had been years)
-my boss said she needed me (who doesn’t like to hear that?)
-I was less hurt about the mess with that certain person and more confident that I’m working through it
-I went to a baby shower (the first one out of my close friends)

There’s more, but that’s just part of it. What are some of the things you’ve done lately that aren’t just the usual?


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