Waders and weddings

Yesterday was our service day for UNF.  We went to the Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens in SE DC and split up to do various “yard work” tasks. My group got to muck around in the ponds raking out lily pads. We got to wear these awesome waders with boots attached. Of course there were no smaller sizes than 7s or 8s, and my teammates quickly took those. So I ended up with this ginormous waders on, maybe a size 12. It was a sight to see. It was cool work though. I wish I had a picture, but I’m sure there will be some later to add. After the work, we had BBQ, and then some of us went out for drinks for several hours.

Last weekend was my friend Ankur’s Indian wedding. It was really amazing to be a part of that, and just cool to see the various traditions and how different it all is from the Christian weddings I’ve been to over the years. The outfits were amazing, so was the food, and the dancing was a blast. My friends and I were all honored to have been guests at such a special occasion.

Let’s see, what else? Not too much. I’m going home in a few weeks, so I’m definitely getting excited to see my parents and dogs again. Mom goes to Germany on business again in June, and I wish I could join, but that’s the same time Dan comes into town, so I have to pass again. But, when I go home in August for a week, we’re planning on heading to Chicago, so hopefully we’ll catch some games at Wrigley and enjoy the city together. We haven’t really done a family vacation in quite some time, so that would be nice.

I’m also keeping a food diary so that I can really see what I’m taking in. No calorie counting or anything extreme, just literally writing down everything I’m eating. I think it’s much easier that way to see what can be cut out and where I’m doing a good job. Been trying to have more intense workouts too. Missed a couple days this week, but had started off well, so I continued that today with a pretty vigorous workout. The weather has been so off and on, so it’s been difficult to run outside, so it was back to the gym for these last few weeks. I just hope that we have some nice spring weather for awhile again before 90 degrees hits us again like it did last week. That was intense. I have found several good trails around my neighborhood though, so I know that even when it’s sweltering this summer, I’ll be able to go on the shaded trails. I also look forward to busting out the tennis racket again, so I’m glad I get to play with Dan like we did last summer.

Earlier this week, I got into a ridiculous argument with a couple of cousins on Facebook about politics. It started from nothing and then exploded in my face, and it made me remember why I should never, ever ever discuss any form of government, policy or politics with my very very conservative family. It was absolutely ridiculous the things that were said, and I was not only angry, but ashamed. But, I guess lesson learned. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me multiple times, and I’m so done, haha. I guess I have to learn that one the hard way a few times before I finally get it. But now I do. I am grateful that although my boyfriend is a Republican, that he is mature and reasonable when we debate.


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