A Jenfresher

I know I don’t have hordes of readers pulling up jennasauber.com every morning hungry for each post. Even if I did, they would be disappointed because I don’t post every day. I’m working on frequency, ok? Anyway, I figured there are some newcomers to the blog lately that have added to my spice mix of readers (so maybe it’s just my mom?), and if you haven’t asked me directly, looked at my facebook profile or found other ways to stalk me, I could provide some insight on who I am. Here’s a start. There may be more installments. But if you’re curious about something, just ask!

Nicknames: Jen, JenJen, Jello, Squirt, kiddo, J, JSaub, Puddin Head, Jenna bo-benna. (see if you can guess the parental-given ones!)

0314091238Vices: lattes, Reese cups, Soft Batch or Mint Milano cookies, Grey’s Anatomy, musicals, Sinatra, corgis, Zapps, fruit pizza, LSU football, crawfish, crossword puzzles, Graeters/Bluebell ice cream, my parents (they rock).

Dislikes: hmm…heart of palm was recently removed from this list. what else? People taking up entire sidewalks/aisles, and stopping in the middle of them with no awareness. Cold rain. Dirty bathrooms and kitchens. Cashiers who forget they work in customer service. Snakes. Mundane conversations about weather/how was your weekend/summer/break?

I always knew I wanted to: be a writer.

I was adopted by my stepdad as a teenager – but he’s been my DAD for almost 20 years – and he has done an amazing job of it.

One of my most prized possessions: a large cooking spoon used by my grandfather when he used to make massive pots of jambalaya, gumbo, you name it.

Movies I will watch a million times: Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Rudy, Forrest Gump

Books I will read a million times: anything by Jane Austen

IMG_5791A location I love: Lake Verret, Louisiana

Some of my best memories were formed at: Miami University; Hester, Louisiana

Favorite activities: watching sports, playing sports, reading, writing, Law & Order marathons with Mom & Dad, eating boiled seafood, cooking, concerts with Dan

Ok, I think that’s good enough to feed your minds for now, right?


One thought on “A Jenfresher

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! But looking over yours, I love it! Also, random, but I’m really passionate about malaria prevention too. I saw you did campaigns for nothings but nets – and I do work with netting nations. I’m actually doing a huge fundraiser across the US from Oct 3-9th. Love to talk to you more about it!



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