Remember when?

This weekend my best friend from back home in Ohio came up from Georgia to spend time with me, after I was having an rough time earlier in the week. I didn’t have to ask – when I called her late Monday night, upset, she immediately said, “I’m coming up there.”

Molly is getting married next year, and lives with her fiance in a new house with a dog and a cat. We’re both working adults, with significant others, and deal with the everyday problems of being an adult. But this weekend we did what we always do – spent hours looking at old yearbooks, prom photos, and recalling ridiculous adventures, ridiculous former crushes, and marveling at how everything back then seemed simpler yet so dramatic all at once. And, we of course had chili pies and Soft Batch cookies, in a toast to many late night sleepovers back in Loveland.

Today Molly will go back to her life and I will go back to mine. She will anxiously await to know the date that her fiance deploys to Iraq, and cuddle with her Great Dane, Spirit. I will plan my meals for one, look forward to my nightly phone calls with my boyfriend, starting his third and final year of law school, and worry about what the next year has in store. It may be months again before we see each other, but we are only a phone call and a drive away. Just like the old days.


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