Yeah… you’re right!

Sometimes there are those days where nothing seems to be going right. We get some bad news, we get in a fight with someone we love, get reprimanded by the boss, or  we’re late to an appointment because of traffic. Last week I had almost an entire week of that. I had the weird medical news, the fight with the boyfriend, the annoying work emails and various other incidents that were pulling me into a funk.

But then, all the people in my life reminded me that things aren’t so bad. That I can’t sweat the small stuff. That it’s not that traumatic, but that they’re there for me. These people were my boyfriend (after the fight), a friend and colleague here in DC, my best friend Molly of almost 12 years who spent a weekend with me to cheer me up, eat chili pies and look at photos from our “ugly years,” and of course, my parents. There were no lectures, no sage advice, but just reminders. Reminders that it will be ok, that life is manageable, that things get better and can be worked out.

It’s nice to have those people, and to have that day when things start looking up again. Because, they are right, I have a great job, a place to live, and loving family and friends. And then I come home, have a great workout, make a delicious dinner, talk to my dad for half an hour and think about devouring another book or two this long weekend and taking a long run in the beautiful weather. Because they’re all right, life is good.

Thank you for reminding me of that.


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