Top 11 of 2011

Everyone else is doing a top 10 list, but you wouldn’t expect anything less than 11 from me, right? So here goes, my top 11 moments or things about 2011:

11. Celebrating the happy moments in my friends’ lives like new jobs, pregnancies, weddings, moves, and personal successes.

10.  Being on TV for Simply Leap’s Hug Tour.

9.  Doing cool things like attending my first Redskins game, my first (two) Caps games, sitting on my first (two) panels, attending Renaissance Festival, seeing Wicked again, seeing Tony Bennett perform, attending TEDXMidAtlantic, learning how to make sushi, hosting CajunFest, attending an event at the White House, and standing next to Denzel Washington.

8.  Setting new personal records for a 10k race, twice.

7.  Celebrating the weddings of dear friends from college back in Ohio: Liz & Jeff, and Katie & Kevin.

6.  Hearing the news that my uncle was elected St. James Parish President. A proud day for our family.

5.  Running my first 10 mile race, the Cherry Blossom.

4.  Being serenaded by my new team at work and gifted with a grab bag of 11 gifts; celebrating 27 years with friends over the course of a weekend.

3.  Visiting my parents at their new home San Diego (three times by the end of this year) and enjoying awe-inspiring scenery and gorgeous weather each time.

2.  Starting a new job at the Case Foundation: I love my work, my team, and I love making a difference every day.

1.  Zip-lining, surfing, and waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica, while meeting some amazing people, some of whom have become wonderful friends.


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